Bacon Pie Burger

Sounds good, but how would you put it together?

Would you make the pie with bacon instead of pastry in a burger roll, or would it be a standard pie with a bacon filling.

I don’t know but I think it needs to exist and If you can make it, I want to hear about it.

  • Bacon is awesome
  • Pies are awesome; and
  • Burgers are awesome.


Where are my parts

Tonight I was working on a project and I was looking for the next electonic part to solder to the board. I had it in my hand only a few seconds ago but now i couldn’t find it. I need that part, I was getting frustrated as i hadn’t even got out of my chair yet. i looked on the floor and moved almost everything. It was about the time when you get shitty with yourself and say fuck it and put it down for the night when I realised that it had been with me all along. It was hanging out of my mouth, I had put it there because i had run out of hands only a few minutes before.

Stupid temp sensor,

Note to self, the mouth is not a storage area.