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512 Bytes of RAM

It is annoying, I have 512 Bytes of RAM to work with. I’m currently at 433 Bytes and i have a long way to go.

It is not expandable

More is not an option

I guess i’ll have to get clever with garbage collection.

Oh how I would like to have just 1024 bytes for the project that I’m working on, especially with the selected chip. I wouldn’t have to worry. But then again I would probably get lazy or sloppy and just want more, it would be my secret addiction. Just shut up and give it to me. Those wonderful bytes of goodness that make the pain go away.

I suppose I would be a mini Microsoft if I did that.

512 Bytes will do, It’ll have to do.

As of 06/01/2013 I am up to 446 Bytes. I only have 66 Bytes left to play with.