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How awesome is everything except your job

Seriously, Life if damn excellent, there is nothing bad at all … except the job. The job is just a soul crushing fluorescent prison. When My immediate supervisor speaks they talk shit and backstab anyone (I’m sure they talk shit about me when I’m not there, but it is all smiles to my face), and when you try to convey where things are at, they say

Loop(while you are talking){

echo “yeah, uh hu, yep, sure”;


It just pisses me off that I’m doing a job that no one cares about, I have no carrot, I have no stick. I have nothing but persistence.

I won’t be beaten, I WILL OWN YOU, and I get things done, even when there is a wall of apathy and negativity I get past it. I will play the game and I will win.

Mind you some days (like most people) I do think about throwing in the towel and just saying stuff it; you have beaten me. But you need the shit, you need the shit to realise how awesome everything else is (except traffic that is just balls).

So FUCK YEAH screw you, I am living the dream. And I’m winning!


Can Happy Run Out

If you are happy all the time, how do you realize that you are in fact happy. Because to be happy all the time would lead happiness to be normal and ordinary.

This would them imply that if you stopped being happy then this would be depression.

So the only way to balance this is to have sadness, struggles and challenges that make us appreciate what is true happiness.

The next time you are feeling down, remind yourself that without this suffering, you could not be happy.