Here we are and I’m still lost

Hello my old friend,

I went away for quite some time with things that have been happening and not happening. It is basically — > work –> sleep –> repeat with some random things chucked in between like a trip or relaxing but always surface level and NONE OF IT MEANS SHIT.

I just don’t know what I’m doing with my life and what the point of any of it is. I’m not here to say that you will find your dreams if you keep looking or if you think hard enough you will find meaning. Mainly because I keep going from “There is no meaning” to “I haven’t found a meaning”.

It gets depressing some times. What is the point.

anyway I recently saw a comment which sounds like something worth trying to find an answer.

Want a BIG HINT on what you could do with your life? 
Look at what you struggle with most, overcome that struggle, then help others do the same.
It doesn’t have to be for your work, but I guarantee that will give a lot of meaning and fulfillment to your life. “

So the next step for me is to look inwards, find what i’m struggling with and overcome it. Yay, how hard can that be. I still feel lost.