Error Communicating With Server Token Import Failed – RSA

I heard this expressions once when I was a young app developer. I was trying to integrate a piece of my code with another 3rd parties code.

I kept getting this error


Years later I ran into the guy who wrote the 3rd party software; ¬†we got talking and asked him what a YFYOYO Error was. He laughed a bit and said “it means ‘You’re Fucked, You’re On Your Own'”

So if you are working with the RSA SecurID App and you are trying to get soft tokens to work well but you keep coming up against¬†“error communicating with server token import failed



2 thoughts on “Error Communicating With Server Token Import Failed – RSA”

  1. This means you have configured the soft token device to communicate back to the RSA server. So it will work on the site were you set it up and it can communicate back. But if you’re at home and trying to get this to work, then you won’t succeed. You need to reconfigure the device policy (android / ios) and use the setting which used a code only and does not call back to the RSA server.

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