A Blinking Red LED

I got it working, the bloody thing is actually working.

I have been working on a project for months. I have built new hardware and spend over a hundred hours to make sure it was right. Then when i went to program the thing, it didn’t work. It programmed ok, but it wouldn’t do anything. It was as if the clock had just had it and was giving me the big FU i’m sleeping. Tens oh hours trying dfferent things, then as i unplugged it before going to bed, the LED blinked. It shouldn’t have blinked but it did.

What should have happened was that the LED stayed on, but it was off except for that momentary blink. I tapped the board and it blinked again. More tapping and more blinking.

It was that moment when I realised that it wasn’t the code, it was the hardware. Turns out that the 0603 pull up resistor on the reset line had a dry solder joint and the pin was floating. This kept putting the micro in to a constant reset. A small stab with the soldering iron and BAM. It all comes good. Just a small bit of coding. BUTTON1 turn LED on BUTTON2 turn LED off.



Led comes on. Press BUTTON2 LED goes off. Press BUTTON1 LED turns on.


Yee fucking haw

I haven’t been that happy to see a Red LED since … well … ever.