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HyperLoop Hoverboard … How Cool Is That!

So Arx Pax the creator of the Hendo Hover Board has put in an entry into the HyperLoop competition that SpaceX is running. And all I can say is that is Freeking AMAZING.

Not only is this cool Pod tech transport system just awesome, but it is getting super charged with a hover system. Apart from landing 14 storey high rockets on a barge in the ocean, this is the coolest, most amazing news for 2015.

I can’t wait.

This is the Press Release

Elon Musk First Attempt at Landing a Rocket on a Boat

Elon Musk’s first attempt to land a SpaceX stage 1 rocket booster on to a boat didn’t go so well. Here is a video

The problem was the hypersonic fins (the things that steer the landing rocket) ran out of hydraulic fluid so it couldn’t manoeuvre properly.

But you know what, for a first attempt to actually hit the thing is impressive, especially with out steering for the last part.

All I can say is that Elon Musk is a visionary, he doesn’t fear failure, but learns from it so the next attempt can go better.

I am waiting for the day to see him succeed with a landing, this will be one of those events where it changes space flight forever.

I tip my hat to you sir, onwards and upwards.