Charlie Foxtrot

So what is a clusterfuck? A clusterfuck is what the Australian Liberal Party has done to the NBN.

Fuck you Liberal assholes,

And now not only did you stop me from getting fibre to the home, but now you hit me with an additional tax because you can’t manage money and spend it on shit that isn’t important. Like military aeroplanes. What is fucking wrong with you? We are a fucking island, a big fucking island, who is going to be stupid enough to attack us? And if we are attacked what are we going to do, launch some god damn aeroplanes with missiles that we don’t own (yes, we don’t own them, they are on loan, and if we “break” them we “bought” them).

Just give me my fibre, give me my fast internet, I pay more taxes than most and you still want more blood.

You are an incompetent government. You liberals are clusterfuckers.