It Is Time To Run In The Feilds Of Heaven

Driving home tonight I came across a rabbit that was hit by a car. It was still alive and was valiantly trying to hop off the road. But this rabbit was not well, its back was broken and couldn’t get away.

It was scared and terrified; and try with all its might, it could only use it front paws to drag itself along.

I slowed the car as I approached and stopped in front of the rabbit. I got out to see if there was anything I could do. I reached down and carefully picked it up. It was so warm and so soft. It wasn’t struggling like it had been not 5 seconds before. There was nothing I could do, the rabbit passed away in my hands as I carried it off.

I took the rabbit to into the scrub to a near by fence with high grass and placed him there. I looked down and I just felt sad.

The last thing that poor rabbit felt was terror.

I walked back to my car and sat there. Looking in the direction of the rabbit. All I could think was “It is time for you to run in the feilds of heaven” I was upset, I was on the verge of tears, I haven’t been so sad in many years.

This sucks