How to be relevant in the future world dominated by AI

How can we manage to adapt future generations to the foreseeable greater inequality? How can we ensure that this transition takes place in a way that is not harmful to all?

Here, there are no magic formulas, but above all it is very important to be able to adapt educational models. In other words, the future of work will not require people capable of memorizing or having great mental calculation skills. Machines will be able to do that even better than we can. What the future will need is people capable of dealing with unpredictable problems, of adapting their tasks to new day-to-day needs. The workers of the future must be flexible, able to innovate and take advantage of the enormous benefits that technology will offer us.
Let’s just say, we will need to adapt our educational models towards an approach where we can better collaborate with machines, and be able to better exploit our human capabilities.