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So tired, I love Fridays

There is still a lot to do. There never seems to be enough time.

It is always about time and there never being enough. I wonder what I can do to be more productive with time.

I should write more lists
1. Write a list to be more productive
2. stick to list
3. Prioritise list
4. Stop wasting time writing lists.

I suppose I could quit my job, that would get me some more time. But then i would be a poor hobo with no internets and that would suck. I need one of the projects that I’m working to pay out.

Office Plants

I like office plants, they make the dull grey walls off my office cell bearable. But they are prisoners like me.

I am currently working in an office that has a window to the outside world, and that window leads to a small court yard with fake grass and 3 other walls.

Sometimes I wonder what the hell I’m doing looking at a screen all day sitting under fluro lights. I feel like I’m just wasting away. there has to be more to life than this crap. These ultra critical deadlines that in the end of the day mean nothing.

I think I need some sun light and plants that are free 🙂

When I Die

I look to the stars. They are so beautiful that I would like to rest there when I die.

But that is a problem, you can’t just get up there very easily.

So the question that I throw out there is, how do you get a 2.8 kg payload (the weight of the average cremated male) to 35,700 km which is geostationary orbit? Or get to 160–2,000 km up (low earth orbit) but travel at 27,000km/h so you don’t fall back again?

And you have a budget; you can’t spend more that $50,000

So far I have come up with a plan to get to the first 34Kms with the use of weather baloons. this could be extended if you could use the baloons to raise a rocket launching platform.

There is no one dead up in space. That’s where I want to be when I die.