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A Quote on How To Be Successful in Business

Technology is an incredible enabler. This is no more present than in Silicon Valley, which lives and breathes technology. But the dirty little secret to Silicon Valley is that probably 90 percent of the companies that start in this region fail, and not because they’re poorly engineered or their technology’s not interesting or right.

It’s usually because nobody really needs the technology. If you want to be successful in business, you have to pay attention to the technology and what it enables you to do, but you also have to do it in the service of a market need.

Just Finished Beta1 Code Of My Watch Project

I am so fucking happy right now! I have been developing a custom digital watch on and off for the past 2 and a half years; and 10 minutes ago I did a complete test of the first Beta release of the code.

Everything works, even the rushed shit that I just chucked in on caffeine driven late night code binges. Not only the code, but the custom hardware checks out too.


Tonight has been a damn good night.

Parts to Keep in Mind

Next project Ideas

CC1101 – Low-Power Sub-1GHz RF Transceiver (v

Si4463 – HIGH-PERFORMANCE, LOW-CURRENT TRANSCEIVER (Frequency range = 119–1050 MHz) (


This won’t mean much to anyone but I have it (IVL2-7/5) working. Trying to understand Russian datasheets on the IVL2-7/5 VFD and piecing together bits of info from around the web and I have it working. It was like some sort of secret/puzzle that you had to pass to be accepted by other engineers. I have that same feeling I had with A Blinking Red LED. Yeah Baby!


Get the IVL2-7/5 Datasheets Here


Coding in the Dark

Sometimes the greatest things in life are things that don’t even register as things. Coding in the dark is one of them. There darkness blocks the distractions around you so all there is is code. The clarity and focus is amazing and when the conditions are right, there is nothing wrong in the world.

Everything is just fine.

A Blinking Red LED

I got it working, the bloody thing is actually working.

I have been working on a project for months. I have built new hardware and spend over a hundred hours to make sure it was right. Then when i went to program the thing, it didn’t work. It programmed ok, but it wouldn’t do anything. It was as if the clock had just had it and was giving me the big FU i’m sleeping. Tens oh hours trying dfferent things, then as i unplugged it before going to bed, the LED blinked. It shouldn’t have blinked but it did.

What should have happened was that the LED stayed on, but it was off except for that momentary blink. I tapped the board and it blinked again. More tapping and more blinking.

It was that moment when I realised that it wasn’t the code, it was the hardware. Turns out that the 0603 pull up resistor on the reset line had a dry solder joint and the pin was floating. This kept putting the micro in to a constant reset. A small stab with the soldering iron and BAM. It all comes good. Just a small bit of coding. BUTTON1 turn LED on BUTTON2 turn LED off.



Led comes on. Press BUTTON2 LED goes off. Press BUTTON1 LED turns on.


Yee fucking haw

I haven’t been that happy to see a Red LED since … well … ever.

512 Bytes of RAM

It is annoying, I have 512 Bytes of RAM to work with. I’m currently at 433 Bytes and i have a long way to go.

It is not expandable

More is not an option

I guess i’ll have to get clever with garbage collection.

Oh how I would like to have just 1024 bytes for the project that I’m working on, especially with the selected chip. I wouldn’t have to worry. But then again I would probably get lazy or sloppy and just want more, it would be my secret addiction. Just shut up and give it to me. Those wonderful bytes of goodness that make the pain go away.

I suppose I would be a mini Microsoft if I did that.

512 Bytes will do, It’ll have to do.

As of 06/01/2013 I am up to 446 Bytes. I only have 66 Bytes left to play with.

Time and Accuracy

I’m building a watch,

My first attempt had an accuracy of 1 second out of 80 seconds. At first glance i thought well that is ok, that is 98.75% accurate. but if you think about it, that is a whopping 1080 seconds (18 minutes) a day of lost time.

With my next attempt I lost 9 second over 27180 second. This was much better at as accuracy of 99.96689% but over a year this is still 10442 seconds a year (174 mintues or 2.9 hours).

So on my third attempt I have successfully tweaked it to 1 second every 172800 seconds or 99.9994% accuracy or 3 minutes a year. I am happy with this.

Work will continue, as i now start on a stop watch and alarm feature.

Where are my parts

Tonight I was working on a project and I was looking for the next electonic part to solder to the board. I had it in my hand only a few seconds ago but now i couldn’t find it. I need that part, I was getting frustrated as i hadn’t even got out of my chair yet. i looked on the floor and moved almost everything. It was about the time when you get shitty with yourself and say fuck it and put it down for the night when I realised that it had been with me all along. It was hanging out of my mouth, I had put it there because i had run out of hands only a few minutes before.

Stupid temp sensor,

Note to self, the mouth is not a storage area.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

I don’t own a set of noise cancelling headphoness and didn’t borrow a set before heading off on my honeymoon Europe adventure.

So to combat this problem, I broke it down into 2 parts, “noise cancelling” and “headphones” This turned out to be rather simple.

step 1, find a pair of foam 23dB ear plugs, (cost 47 cents)

step 2, use a set of headphones (not the ear plugs variety) (that i do have) over the top.

This worked out supprisingly well. See noise cancelling headphones only work in a certain frequency band (the low frequency). They work great to remove the rumbling of an aircraft engines, but is useless against the crying baby 2 frigging seats in front of you. Instead the foam ear plugs which reduce sound accross the whole spectrum.

The down side to this was that you now couldn’t hear what was playing throught the audio system. However if you turn the volume up to max you can hear as if it was playing at a comfortable level with out the ear plugs. So now you really can’t hear anything around you.

All in all it was a complete sucess, and it definitly helped reduce the jetlag.