Noise Cancelling Headphones

I don’t own a set of noise cancelling headphoness and didn’t borrow a set before heading off on my honeymoon Europe adventure.

So to combat this problem, I broke it down into 2 parts, “noise cancelling” and “headphones” This turned out to be rather simple.

step 1, find a pair of foam 23dB ear plugs, (cost 47 cents)

step 2, use a set of headphones (not the ear plugs variety) (that i do have) over the top.

This worked out supprisingly well. See noise cancelling headphones only work in a certain frequency band (the low frequency). They work great to remove the rumbling of an aircraft engines, but is useless against the crying baby 2 frigging seats in front of you. Instead the foam ear plugs which reduce sound accross the whole spectrum.

The down side to this was that you now couldn’t hear what was playing throught the audio system. However if you turn the volume up to max you can hear as if it was playing at a comfortable level with out the ear plugs. So now you really can’t hear anything around you.

All in all it was a complete sucess, and it definitly helped reduce the jetlag.

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