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How awesome is everything except your job

Seriously, Life if damn excellent, there is nothing bad at all … except the job. The job is just a soul crushing fluorescent prison. When My immediate supervisor speaks they talk shit and backstab anyone (I’m sure they talk shit about me when I’m not there, but it is all smiles to my face), and when you try to convey where things are at, they say

Loop(while you are talking){

echo “yeah, uh hu, yep, sure”;


It just pisses me off that I’m doing a job that no one cares about, I have no carrot, I have no stick. I have nothing but persistence.

I won’t be beaten, I WILL OWN YOU, and I get things done, even when there is a wall of apathy and negativity I get past it. I will play the game and I will win.

Mind you some days (like most people) I do think about throwing in the towel and just saying stuff it; you have beaten me. But you need the shit, you need the shit to realise how awesome everything else is (except traffic that is just balls).

So FUCK YEAH screw you, I am living the dream. And I’m winning!


Norway is Winning at Being an Awesome Country

So someone posted an article ( on faceblag about how Norway with it’s awesome track record and no national debt was a bad thing. Then bitched that taxing companies more is bad and that Australia just needs sell off all it’s publicly owned assets and become a privatised f*!k you hell hole (well maybe not in those exact words, they just pissed me off with their stupid comments).

This was my reply

Yes Norway does have a high tax rate but you do get a lot for it. There are medical benefits, Maternity/Paternity Leave, Pension Benefits, Free education (yes University education as well) and a higher standard of living just to name a few.

The article you have posted is filled with rubbish. Just stating something doesn’t make it true, for example “Norway has created a system that makes it virtually impossible to pull ahead of your peers financially. People are excused for not working hard and squandering the opportunities they could have grabbed.” I say [Citation Needed]

and statements like

“Because of this, Norwegians have limited after-tax discretionary spending cash.” Is just total and utter crap. Wages and Salary are good, the average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita is $32,093 USD a year []

The one thing that I agree with is “The Norwegian tax system is based on the principle that everybody should pay tax according to their means and receive services according to their needs.”

So Norway is winning,

it has a low unemployment rate 3.7% one of the world’s lowest []

it is a country full of smart people, (ranked 7th in the word) []

it has a great health system

It is a country that looks after you when you retire

Pays you well

Live longer than most people in the world [average age of 81.9 ranked 15th] []

So if I want to be miserable, stupid, poor and die young I’ll take his advice, and while I’m at it I’ll just buy some of the snake oil products that author Simon Black international investor and entrepreneur is peddling.



Charlie Foxtrot

So what is a clusterfuck? A clusterfuck is what the Australian Liberal Party has done to the NBN.

Fuck you Liberal assholes,

And now not only did you stop me from getting fibre to the home, but now you hit me with an additional tax because you can’t manage money and spend it on shit that isn’t important. Like military aeroplanes. What is fucking wrong with you? We are a fucking island, a big fucking island, who is going to be stupid enough to attack us? And if we are attacked what are we going to do, launch some god damn aeroplanes with missiles that we don’t own (yes, we don’t own them, they are on loan, and if we “break” them we “bought” them).

Just give me my fibre, give me my fast internet, I pay more taxes than most and you still want more blood.

You are an incompetent government. You liberals are clusterfuckers.

I hate spammers

My site was getting hundreds of spam comments so I flicked an email to the site owner
“Customer Support” <>
and they replied (to my surprise), but all i have to say to you jerks is why don’t you monitor your affiliates and stop being dicks; you are a bunch of fucking knob heads.


Dear James,

Thank you for contacting us.

We do not advertise our site by spam, this is forbidden for our affiliates.
We suspect that this is somebody of our business competitors who try to spoil our reputation. Or this is one of our affiliates who uses this method and thus violates our policies.
We need to find out who does to stop him doing this but we will need you cooperation.
Please send us the links to the site that are included in the messages you get.
Sorry for the inconveniences caused. We would really appreciate your help in the matter.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any further question.

Kind regards,
Tomas Magno

Customer Support Team
1(800)532 48 08

James <> wrote:

> From: James
> sender: James

Formatting Web pages

For those of you who want to make a web page format properly in all browsers, then you know my Pain.

But trying to get a fucking <DIV> tag with a specific height to vertically align content is just retarded.

<div>’s are bullshit. And before you go all high and mighty and say well I can get the text to format out my arse and look like a frigging Picasso; the why don’t you throw a ‘form’ in to mix across a second DIV column. Yeah, did you see that? your fucking Picasso looks like a car crash … that’s on fire … that someone tried to put out with 400kg of explosive, sloppy diarrhea.

You may get it working with a browser only to find that it doesn’t work in any others. which brings me to my browser gripe


Fuck You 3D Systems, You Are A Bunch Of Assholes!

I refer to this

Form Labs is a very small company that has built a 3D printer (called Form 1) of exceptional quality. The went to the community asking for help to take it to market. Their KickStarter project went exceptionally well and made $3 Million. This project was active and advertising for months and months. There was no way anyone in the 3D printing space hadn’t heard about them.

Only after the project was successful and that the waiting period for the funds to be released to Form Labs did 3D Systems file a law suit. So what they have done is knowingly wait for the company to get a huge cash injection and then sue them for it. Because if they sued them before, then they wouldn’t have anything to gain.

There has been no discussion about licensing, nothing, 3D Systems are just going to sue them and fuck every one involved, including KickStarter.

3D Systems  you are a bunch of patent trolls and you as a company are fucking cunts. Go fuck yourselves.



Why the fuck do people always use my FQDN when addressing me.


I have a friendly name and that resolves just fine. Just because you are tooooooo lazy to read my fucking signature at the bottom of the email, you don’t even bother to get my name right. You are all a bunch of fucktards!