Fuck You 3D Systems, You Are A Bunch Of Assholes!

I refer to this


Form Labs is a very small company that has built a 3D printer (called Form 1) of exceptional quality. The went to the community asking for help to take it to market. Their KickStarter project went exceptionally well and made $3 Million. This project was active and advertising for months and months. There was no way anyone in the 3D printing space hadn’t heard about them.

Only after the project was successful and that the waiting period for the funds to be released to Form Labs did 3D Systems file a law suit. So what they have done is knowingly wait for the company to get a huge cash injection and then sue them for it. Because if they sued them before, then they wouldn’t have anything to gain.

There has been no discussion about licensing, nothing, 3D Systems are just going to sue them and fuck every one involved, including KickStarter.

3D Systems  you are a bunch of patent trolls and you as a company are fucking cunts. Go fuck yourselves.


One thought on “Fuck You 3D Systems, You Are A Bunch Of Assholes!”

  1. Agreed. When you read the suit, they want damages, well 3 x damages, costs and anything else the court deems appropriate.

    Patent trolling in the worst possible manner, wait until there is money, then sue for it. I just get the feeling that Form 1 will now be forced to shut up shop and everyone that pledged money will essentially be left holding the can. I so hope that I am wrong about this and that 3D systems get their stupid patent thrown out.

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